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FUGO Spółka z o.o.

ul. Przemysłowa 85,
62-510 Konin
tel. +48 63 240-51-11,
fax +48 63 242-50-33

KRS No.: 0000528932

Name of Court: District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań, the 9th Commercial Division of the National Court Register

REGON number: 360069317

NIP tax ID no.: 665-299-62-53

Share capital: 36 097 000,00 PLN


Design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of basic machinery, such as:
- bucket wheel excavators (wheel and chain)
- stackers
- reclaimers-stackers
Design, supply, assembly and commissioning of auxiliary machinery, such as:
- tripper cars and loader benches in a belt conveyor system
- tracked carriers to transport drive stations in brown coal mines, type: TUR500 and TC2000
- field trailers to roll and transport a conveyor belt



Belt conveyors
- fixed, sliding, mobile
Scraper, chain and other conveyors
Drum pulley systems for belt conveyors
Gear transmissions and drive transmission elements:
- medium power gear transmission
- planetary-worm and cylindrical-planetary gearboxes
- bearing housings
- cylindrical and bevel gears
- clamp and gear couplings
- travel wheels and rollers with a truck hardened by means of sorbitisation
- axles, shafts
Equipment for the offshore industry
Power hydraulics systems that can operate under the pressure of 1000 bar. They include such elements and assemblies as:
- control units
- hydraulic feeders
- drive units
- hydraulic systems (pipe and flexible)
Modernisations and overhauls of process lines of steel and non-ferrous metal mills. Within this activity, we manufacture such devices as: rulers, roller tables, furnace mobile platforms, complete rolling mill stands, components of a blast furnace system, trains of roll stands, milling machines for aluminium blocks, etc.



Products for shipbuilding industry
- ship hatch covers, ship hatch coamings, ship crane columns, rudder fins, anchor, mooring and towing winches, mooring equipment elements, access and other ramps for ships, hull and bottom sections, air and exhaust gas chambers for marine engines
Elements of port and transshipment terminals equipment
- structures for port equipment, conveyor systems for loose materials, port crane elements
Manufacture and assembly of bridge steel structures
Equipment for the steel industry (e.g. gas furnaces)
Crane and overhead crane steel structures
Pressure tanks
Bodies, frames, blocks, etc. - in a welded version with machining and a number of other products acc. to individual client requirements.



FUGO Sp. z o.o. carries out a wide range of repairs and renovations of machinery and equipment operating in brown coal open-pit mines, lime-cement industry, on coal storage yards in power plants as well as heat and power generating plants. We execute current renovations and major overhauls of mechanical and electrical parts of the following equipment:
- excavators and stackers on wheeled chassis
- excavators and stackers on caterpillar chassis
- wheel and caterpillar reclaimers
Other industrial services
- diagnostics of hydraulics systems using modern measuring equipment,
- inspections of hydraulic connections in terms of maintaining tightness of systems,
- replacement and renovations of hydraulic system elements,
- adjustment and tests (equipment tests and commissioning),
- regeneration and repair of hydraulic cylinders,
- tool sharpening (milling cutters, knives, drills, etc.),
- folded equipment,
- laboratory measurements,