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Welcome to FUGO S.A.

For over 45 years we have been one of the most signifi cant producers of mechanical equipment, spare parts and steel structures. Since 1962 we have supplied our products and services to the mining, machine, steel, shipyard, power generating, construction, cement-lime, paper and pulp and also to other branches of industry in Po- land and abroad. We have accepted and applied the principle of continuous development and improvement, while the foundation of our success is the perpetual search for new solutions, equally organisational as technical, technological and also fulfi lling the requirements of our clients.

„The priority of FUGO S.A. is to achieve increased client satisfaction and Company eff ectiveness ..”

Our company is part of the Capital Group and is the parent company of four subsidiary companies: "FAMAK" S.A., "FUGO-ODLEW" Sp. z o.o., "FUGO PROJEKT" Sp. z o.o.

We have implemented an Integrated Management System, which includes: Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 certified by PRS (Polish Register of Shipping) and also Environmental Management System according ISO 14001. We have also introduced a quality assurance system in the Central Laboratory according to EN 17025, which has been recognised by a certifi cate granted by the Polish Offi ce of Technical Inspection.

We assure the highest quality of our products and services

Laboratories with modern equipment within the Central Laboratory let us execute all measurements and testing essential to confi rm conformity of products with requirements. Laboratory testing and quality control testing assure adherence to exact technological requirements and obtaining the best product parameters according to the technical specifi cations.

We stand on client satification

Through continuous development, quality improvement of products and services and the involvement of our personnel we achieve increased satisfaction of our clients. Experience based on over 40 years activity in the provision of capital assets has enabled us to achieve the status of a solid partner, whose products are appreciated equally by Polish and foreign customers. Qualifi ed specialists watch over the execution of the tasks entrusted to us, assuring professional client service and the highest quality.

Kapitał zakładowy - Wpłacony: 10 076 224,50 PLN
Nr KRS: 0000040660
Oznaczenie Sądu: Sąd Rejonowy Poznań Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu,
IX Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
REGON: 310507897; NIP: 665-000-10-88; UST-ID Nr: PL6650001088

ul. Przemysłowa 85, 62-510 Konin
tel. +48 63 240-51-11, fax +48 63 242-50-33
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